New mobility app enters test phase


Lugano – MixMyRide is the name of a new mobility app that helps people to travel as socially and ecologically as possible. It combines public transportation with carpooling, bike and bike-sharing. Volunteers are needed immediately in Lugano, Zurich/Winterthur and Geneva for the one-year test phase.

The new MixMyRide app has entered a one-year test phase. Its purpose is to suggest multimodal routes to people who want to get around in the most socially and environmentally compatible way possible. To do this, it combines public transportation services with ridesharing, personal bicycles, walking, and bike sharing.

As of now, volunteers are being sought online for this who live, study or work in Lugano, Zurich/Winterthur or Geneva and are interested in using the application, offering rideshares and trying out the new mobility options. “They will help reduce the social and environmental impact of the car,” Mirko Baruffini is quoted as saying in a media release. He is the CEO of the startup BePooler, which developed the application.

This field trial aims to identify the factors “that favor or hinder multimodal mobility that is less dominated by the car,” says project leader Francesca Cellina of the University of Applied Sciences of Italian Switzerland(SUPSI). The energy and CO2 savings potential will also be investigated.

The project is the result of public-private cooperation. Research partners include the SUPSI Institute for Applied Sustainability in the Built Environment, the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence of the University of the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland(USI) and SUPSI, and the Institute for Sustainable Development of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences(ZHAW). The consortium also includes the companies BePooler and Citec Ingénieurs. Application partners are the Lugano Living Lab of the city of Lugano and the WinLab of the city of Winterthur. The project is financed by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. mm