Nestlé sells Franck-Areal to newly founded KULTQuartier Immobilien AG


Basel – KULTQuartier Immobilien AG, together with three Basel siblings, has purchased the Franck site from Nestlé. The buyers want to convert the part of the former industrial site of Thomi + Franck AG into a center for innovation of start-ups and companies.

Basel-based KULTQuartier Immobilien AG and three Basel siblings, Corinne, Dominik and Gabriel Eckenstein, have purchased part of the former industrial site of Thomi + Franck AG from Nestlé. They want to develop a neighborhood community on the historic industrial site with a focus on sustainability, circular economy and culture, according to a media release.

The sold part of the site of the former Thomi & Franck AG, which has belonged to Nestlé Switzerland for more than 50 years, offers large areas and old building stock for various ideas and projects. For example, the new owners, together with Franck Areal AG as the operating company, are planning to convert the existing infrastructure into a center for innovation for start-ups and companies. These are intended to “drive the transformation of our linear economic system to a circular economy.” Existing buildings and their elements and materials should therefore be preserved and reused as far as possible.

For the “urban youth” a cultural and meeting center with a focus on dance and movement is planned. Later, apartments will also be built on the site. Nestlé continues to produce mustard and mayonnaise in the eastern part of the site.

The first tenant will be the Impact Hub Basel association next year. Its founder, André Moeri, belongs to Franck Areal AG and, together with Pascal Biedermann, Barbara Buser and Eric Honegger, has already helped to develop the Gundeldinger Feld neighborhood center in Basel-Gundeldinger. As of February 1, 2023, the newly founded Kreislauf Haus association will also move in. The first interim cultural uses are planned from 2023. ko