Nestlé inaugurates research institute for sustainable food systems


Vevey VD – Nestlé has inaugurated a research institute to support sustainable food systems. Here, scientifically based solutions for agriculture are to be developed. For this purpose, the institute cooperates with external partners.

Nestlé inaugurated its new Institute of Agricultural Sciences on May 3. The aim here is to develop science-based solutions for agriculture that can help promote sustainable food systems. To this end, Nestlé’s new research institute is working with external partners from agriculture, science and business.

In addition to the facilities now open in Switzerland, the new institute includes an existing plant science research unit in France, farms in Ecuador, Côte d’Ivoire and Thailand, and partnerships with agricultural research companies, Nestlé informs in a statement. “The new institute will strengthen our expertise and leverage our global network to support farming communities and protect our planet,” Nestlé Chairman Paul Bulcke is quoted there from his speech at the opening.

Nestlé plans to extend knowledge already acquired for sustainable cocoa and coffee sourcing to other crops at the new institute. The goal is to develop “the most promising solutions to promote the production of nutrient-rich commodities while minimizing environmental impact,” explains Jeroen Dijkman, head of the Nestlé Institute of Agricultural Sciences. “We take a holistic approach and consider multiple factors, including yield impact, carbon footprint, food safety and cost, as well as opportunities for scale.” ce/hs