Mobiliar invests in heat reduction in Bern quarter


Liestal BL – Mobiliar is paying 450,000 Swiss francs for heat mitigation measures in Bern’s Breitenrain district. The municipal council has approved 1.3 million francs for this. In the course of the renovation of works pipelines by Energie Wasser Bern, Optingenstrasse is to become greener, cooler and more attractive.

Mobiliar is contributing 450,000 Swiss francs to a climate adaptation and upgrading project in the Breitenrain district of Bern. According to climate measurements by the University of Bern, this quarter is hotter than average. According to an announcement by the insurance company, the municipal council has approved a loan of 1.3 million Swiss francs for a corresponding redesign of Optingenstrasse. “With Mobiliar’s financial contribution, we can do more at Optingenstrasse than if the city had to finance the project on its own,” local councilor Marieke Kruit is quoted as saying.

The plan is to plant 20 trees to combat heat accumulation and to unseal street and parking areas so that rainwater can seep away and cool the air through evaporation. To further enhance the neighborhood, green or marl areas with bike racks or seating should be created. The city is carrying out these climate adjustments as part of the renovation work of the energy supplier Energie Wasser Bern, which is planned for 2024 anyway.

“Our approach to natural hazards is not limited to paying for damage – we are also increasingly involved in prevention,” Thomas Trachsler of Mobiliar is quoted as saying. Belinda Walther Weger, Head of Public Affairs & Sustainability at the insurance company, emphasizes that sponge city projects go beyond mere hazard prevention: “They help keep the quality of life high in densely populated areas.” For this reason, he said, Mobiliar from the cooperative will participate in other sponge city projects in Swiss cities as part of its support for climate protection projects. “With our commitment, we want to make an important contribution to a sustainable and positive future.” ce/heg