Mineral oil importers promote electromobility


Lucerne – Mineral oil importers and service station operators united in AVIA want to promote sustainable mobility. To this end, they founded AVIA VOLT Suisse AG, based in Lucerne. As a first step, Swiss AVIA service stations are to be equipped with fast-charging stations.

Member companies of the Swiss AVIA Association of Independent Swiss Importers and Suppliers of Energy are committed to sustainable electromobility. For this purpose, they founded AVIA VOLT Suisse AG, headquartered in Lucerne, on June 29, the newly founded company informed in a press release. The aim of AVIA VOLT Suisse is to promote electromobility, electricity production and energy optimization in buildings.

“By founding AVIA VOLT Suisse AG, we are doing the only right thing for the development of electromobility: we are joining forces and investing jointly in the future,” Martin Osterwalder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AVIA VOLT Suisse AG, is quoted as saying in the statement. As a first step, AVIA Shop service stations are to be equipped with fast-charging stations for electric vehicles. At a later date, charging stations are planned at other AVIA service stations as well as at partner companies and customers.

“With AVIA VOLT Suisse AG, we provide a broad and reliable range of services for e-mobility throughout Switzerland,” explains Alexander Streitzig, Managing Director of AVIA VOLT Suisse AG. “This is an important step toward CO2-reduced mobility of the future.” In addition to promoting electromobility, the startup also wants to get involved in the expansion of solar and wind power plants. Member companies of the AVIA Association are also active in the production and distribution of green hydrogen. ce/hs