Metro campus becomes pilot project for recycled aluminum

Lupfig AG/Dielsdorf ZH – Green Datacenter is currently constructing an office building on the Metro Campus in Dielsdorf. Fully recycled aluminum is used. Its use saves over 167 tons of CO2 emissions.

Green Datacenter AG(Green) is constructing three data centers and a building complex with office space on the Metro Campus. General contractor Implenia is currently constructing the south office building, the provider of data centers and related services headquartered in Lupfig reported in a press release. Instead of primary aluminum, only fully recycled aluminum is used.

According to the press release, the use of recycled aluminum saves more than 167 tons of CO2 emissions compared to primary aluminum. According to her, the project is a first for Switzerland. “We are constantly examining how we can use new materials in innovative ways and are delighted that we have succeeded in doing so in collaboration with our partners,” Green CEO Roger Süess is quoted as saying.

The company has the aluminum used in the façade elements manufactured by Ernst Schweizer AG from Hedingen ZH produced by Hydro Building Systems. The Norwegian Hydro Group is currently the only company that can produce recycled aluminum with a CO2 footprint of almost zero and without the addition of primary aluminum, writes Green. The project partners want to set an example by using the sustainable material, which is currently still more expensive than primary aluminum. ce/hs