Menu and More AG: An SME on the path to sustainability

menuandmore: mit Vegi-Burger und Solarzellen punkten

Around one third of environmental pollution is caused by the production and consumption of food. The SME menuandmore is aware of its responsibility as a children’s catering provider. That’s why it is working step by step to make catering more sustainable.

To menuandmore

Which social challenges are addressed?

According to the Managing Director, Markus Daniel, around one third of the environmental impact is caused by our consumption and production of food alone. Meat accounts for the largest share of this. He is also convinced that a healthy diet is especially important in childhood. Since menuandmore feeds more than 450 lunch tables, it is therefore natural for him to make a contribution here.

Which solution approach was chosen?

In recent years, menuandmore has focused on developing vegetarian products that are also popular with children. With the right tricks you can inspire children very well for vegetarian food. To make this happen, the company offers homemade creations such as veggie burgers in various shapes, or lasagna, doughnuts and vegetable-based dumplings.

For food, the company uses only Swiss meat and poultry, as well as MSC or ASC certified fish. It is also steadily increasing the proportion of organic and fair trade products. Since 2011, menuandmore has been fully offsetting its CO2 emissions. Another measure she mentions, for example, is the purchase of refrigerated vehicles that have solar panels on the roof.

What are the economic and environmental impacts?

Sustainability and economic success are not mutually exclusive for menuandmore. On the contrary, they complement each other. For one thing, the energy improvements will save the company money in the long run. On the other hand, it has also already been able to win many additional customers with its sustainable orientation. The latter will not incur any additional costs, especially since the company will not be

Key figures from the 2014-2016 Sustainability Report

  • Increase in vegetarian offerings in the menu plans: 20 new vegetarian developments (2016).
  • Reduction of CO2: 14.9% | Award: Climate neutral
  • Increase in the share of Fairtrade and organic products: 7.3% of the purchase volume of 2016

What vision is menuandmore striving for?

menuandmore aims to be the most responsible children’s catering provider in Switzerland through continuous development.

How can menueandmore’s solution approach be multiplied and scaled?

The example of menuandmore is intended to show that not only large companies or startups can commit to more sustainability. The mass of existing SMEs can also become active. Companies like menuandmore, which have established themselves as SMEs in a more traditional way, can gradually adapt to a more sustainable business model. Markus Daniel adds that beyond protecting the environment, this also allows the SME to reposition itself in the market.