Magog distributes Meyer Burger solar modules


Thun BE/Schmallenberg – Magog Schiefer from Germany distributes a new product of the solar specialist Meyer Burger from Thun: a small-format solar roof tile for slate-covered roofs, also for listed houses. They will be available from August.

Meyer Burger Technology AG and Schiefergruben Magog GmbH & Co. KG have signed a cooperation agreement for the distribution of the new Meyer Burger Slate product. This is a listed product variant intended for slate-roofed houses. Meyer Burger will supply Magog with these starting in August.

This small-format, uniformly slate-grey solar roof tile “fits harmoniously into slate roofs and thus makes the energy turnaround possible even for listed houses,” the responsible division manager Frank Hötzsch is quoted as saying in a media release. “We are very pleased to be working with Magog, a proven expert in slate applications.”

“The new Meyer Burger Slate – Magog Slate Edition features a high energy yield,” said Georg Guntermann, managing partner of Magog. It is also easy for roofers to install and maintain. By using glare-free, structured solar glass, he said, it can be inconspicuously integrated structurally. The first pilot projects will reportedly be finalized shortly. ce/mm