Maclear builds crowdlending platform


Wallisellen ZH – Maclear AG is building a crowdlending platform to connect Swiss investors with European SMEs. The first projects have already been funded in Estonia. Maclear focuses on companies with sustainable business models.

Maclear AG aims to connect Swiss investors with European SMEs focused on sustainable projects. To this end, the Wallisellen-based company is building a new crowdlending platform. According to Maclear, the fully automated solution places a strong emphasis on thorough risk analysis. It is intended to ensure transparency and security on both sides.

The first crowdlending projects using the Maclear platform have already materialized in Estonia, according to Denis Ustjev, co-founder of Maclear. He and co-founder Aleksandr Nikitin already have good connections and networks there. This, he says, enables them to follow projects there very closely. Especially as a new player in the crowdlending market, Maclear wants to focus on conservatively selected and very extensively valued projects that are able to make guarantees to secure the desired loan.

Ustyev and Nikitin took over Maclear 2020 from the previous owners. At the time, the company specialized in governance, risk and rules compliance (GRC) software. The partners have now repositioned Maclear to focus on crowdlending. They have stuck with Switzerland as a location because it offers several advantages. Among other things, Ustyev and Nikitin praise Switzerland’s reputation as a stable financial center and the good regulatory framework for financial players.

As a Swiss company, Maclear adheres to regulatory standards to build investor confidence. Maclear is also a member of the self-regulatory organization (SRO) PolyReg, which is recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and enforces compliance with industry standards. ce/ssp