Lyreco introduces new selection criteria for sustainability


Dietikon ZH – Lyreco will introduce three new sustainable selection criteria for suppliers and products from 2023. 50 percent of revenue is already generated from the sale of sustainable products and services. This is expected to rise to 90 percent by 2026.

Lyreco, Dietiker-based provider of office and workplace solutions, introduces the new Planet, People at work and Community selection criteria for sustainable products. They will apply from 2023, according to a media release. This is a methodology for evaluating products and services based on sustainable criteria.

Based on the guideline of sustainable procurement (ISO-20400), an evaluation was developed for suppliers and products respectively. This means that they are consistently checked for their environmental impact, according to Lyreco’s statement.

The evaluated suppliers and products, if they meet the requirements, can receive an allocation to a selection field that has a better impact on the environment, promises people better health and safety at work, or serves the community through social commitments.

Lyreco adds that certified products must also meet the following criteria: the supplier must be certified as sustainable and the product must be at least 80 percent recyclable or recyclable. In addition, the product must have packaging that consists of at least 80 percent recyclable material. By 2026, 90 percent of Lyreco’s suppliers should be identified as sustainable and meet at least one of the three criteria.

Lyreco already generates more than 50 percent of its sales from the sale of sustainable products and services. The goal is to reach 90 percent by 2026. The company aims to achieve a 75 percent share as early as 2023. gba