Lyreco expands commitment to circular economy


Dietikon ZH – Lyreco aims to accelerate the development of sustainable business solutions through circular economy by 2025. In addition, there is a free take-back service. Waste that cannot be reused or recycled should be reduced to a large extent.

Lyreco, Dietikon-based provider of office and workplace solutions, has committed to accelerate the development of integrated sustainable business solutions through circular economy by 2025, according to a media release. For this purpose, the company offers a free take-back service. It is designed to help customers “reduce non-recyclable waste as much as possible.” In the future, Lyreco also wants to offer more solutions in the sharing economy, i.e. the joint use of goods through sharing, swapping, lending, renting or giving.

According to Lyreco, the return of the empties will take place either at the time of delivery of the follow-up order or after a free request to the customer service department. Collection boxes are provided free of charge. The take-back service applies to laser and inkjet cartridges, batteries, light bulbs, electrical and electronics, paper, cardboard, cups, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and coffee capsules. Batteries, aluminum cans and PET bottles can be returned in official collection bags or boxes. The recyclables are processed by the Swiss competence center for recycling and the circular economy, Swiss Recycling. professionally recycled.

Toner modules can be returned in their original packaging or a collection box, according to Lyreco. They are refilled and thus remain in the economic cycle. The ecological reusable boxes are also reused as often as possible.

Lyreco is convinced that circular economy is the only alternative to protect the environment and grow responsibly, it adds. That is why Lyreco focuses on remanufacturing, repairing, reusing and taking back products, he said. ce/gba