Lufthansa and VARO cooperate on SAF


Cham ZG/Frankfurt – The energy group VARO and Lufthansa will cooperate on sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). VARO could supply Lufthansa with large quantities of SAF as early as 2026. In addition, both are driving forward innovative processes for producing green hydrogen from biogenic waste.

VARO Energy from Cham and the Lufthansa Group are expanding their long-standing partnership. The two companies said they have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). This would allow VARO to deliver large quantities of SAF to the Lufthansa Group, including to the Munich airport hub, as early as 2026.

In addition, both companies intend to scale up innovative processes – for example, for the production of hydrogen from biogenic raw materials such as sewage sludge – and classify them as green hydrogen in Germany. This could then be used to produce e-SAF.

Lufthansa believes SAF is an effective tool to make air travel more climate-friendly, Katja Kleffmann, head of Fuel Management Supply, is quoted as saying in the VARO release. “That’s why we are committed to the development of SAF markets and the logistical availability of SAF at airports.”

The MOU is a “key element of the biofuels strategic growth pillar,” VARO Energy CEO Dev Sanyal said. The energy company is targeting biofuel production of more than 260,000 tons per year by 2026, he said. The long-term target is more than 500,000 tons per year. mm