Lucerne to increase staff for climate strategy


Lucerne – The city of Lucerne wants to convert its heat supply to 100 percent renewable energies. Public buildings are to be supplied with the new energy sources by 2030, private properties by 2035.

The Lucerne City Council is requesting a special credit of 5.05 million Swiss francs from the Grand City Council for the conversion of the heating supply to 100 percent renewable energy. In addition, a supplementary credit in the amount of 194,000 Swiss francs was requested for the 2023 budget. According to a media release, this is to finance the increase in staffing at the Real Estate Service Department needed until 2034.

Additional jobs had become necessary because the voters of the city of Lucerne approved the city’s climate and energy strategy in September 2022. This states that the city-owned buildings and facilities of the administrative assets, such as schools or administrative buildings, must be supplied with 100 percent renewable energy by 2030.

Thanks to the increase in personnel in the Real Estate department, the switch to renewable heating should be implemented by 2035 and the upcoming renovations of the properties in the financial assets can be handled. In total, this is planned for 39 objects.

By converting the properties of the financial assets to 100 percent renewable energy, the city council wants to set a good example for its own properties, the statement says. The city will assist with any interim solutions for tenants. ww