Loopia launches new resale solution for enterprises


Zurich – Loopia has developed a new solution that allows companies to integrate a marketplace for second-hand goods into their online store. STEG Electronics was the first customer to implement Loopia’s white label solution.

Loopia now offers companies a white-label solution that allows them to integrate a marketplace for second-hand goods into their own online store, informs the young company from Technopark Zurich in a statement. Loopia specializes in developing software solutions for easy access to circular economy services for consumer goods. STEG Electronics was the first partner to implement Loopia’s solution under the name STEG Refresh.

“The launch of STEG Refresh marks an important milestone in our mission to help companies implement resale solutions,” Philipp Glauser, CEO and co-founder of Loopia, is quoted as saying in the release. “We are proud of our collaboration with STEG Electronics and excited about the successful launch of this innovative resale platform.” With the new solution, Loopia aims to provide a sustainable alternative to traditional retail and actively support the circular economy.

The white label solution offers companies the opportunity to sell their surplus, returned or showroom items as second-hand goods. Customers can sell company products they no longer need for their own account via the second-hand marketplace integrated into the online store. “The sale and purchase process is simple, secure and fast, making Loopia’s resale offer a win-win situation for all parties involved,” the release states. ce/hs