Lista puts photovoltaic system into operation


Erlen TG – Lista AG puts a photovoltaic system into operation at its headquarters in Erlen. The supplier of operating and storage equipment thus covers part of its own requirements, but also feeds electricity into the grid.

With an area of 15,000 square meters, Lista AG ‘s new photovoltaic plant is the largest in the canton of Thurgau, according to a media release. A total of 4600 modules will produce 2 gigawatt hours of electricity annually on the roofs of the company’s production halls. This is to cover one third of the company’s own requirements. In addition, the provider will also feed 800,000 kilowatt hours into the grid for operating and storage facilities.

Lista AG has set itself the goal of achieving net zero CO2 emissions by 2025. On the one hand, the new photovoltaic system contributes to this. And on the other hand, the company from the St.GallenLake Constance area is continuously optimizing energy efficiency. For this purpose, modern production lines and compressors are installed. But the use of LED lighting technology also contributes to achieving the goal. Lista thus shows that “ecological responsibility and economic success can be reconciled,” according to the press release. ce/jh