Liechtenstein Bankers Association launches mobile game with message


Vaduz/Zug – The Liechtenstein Bankers Association uses gaming for its sustainability goals. He has teamed up with startup Operal Gaming to produce the online game Ocean Cleanup for World Oceans Day 2023, through which plastic is also recovered from the oceans in the real world.

To mark World Oceans Day, the Liechtenstein Bankers Association and the Zug-based young gaming company Operal have launched a jointly produced online game called Ocean Cleanup, which is also available on Google Play. In the process, the players collect bottles, shoes and car tires floating in the sea. For this, the best among them will be rewarded with real certificates for the elimination of plastic from the real oceans. These are provided by the Barcelona-based Web 3.0 ecosystem Plastiks. It connects to real projects around the world that are reclaiming plastic from the ocean.

The Liechtenstein Bankers Association’s participation in this project is another pillar of its environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy, he said. “As financial institutions, we have a responsibility to promote sustainable practices and support initiatives to protect the environment,” its CEO Simon Tribelhorn was quoted as saying in a media release from his association. “We hope this game will raise awareness of the importance of marine conservation and inspire players to take action.” This project underscores “the potential for companies, particularly in the financial sector, to use mobile gaming for #ESG and #CSR initiatives,” Operal said in a separate announcement on LinkedIn.

Founded in 2021, the company operates at the intersection of technology, entertainment and social responsibility. “Our goal is to make an impact with games,” said Toni Caradonna, chairman of Operal’s board of directors, in the release from the Liechtenstein Bankers Association. “Ocean Cleanup embodies this vision perfectly. And the Liechtenstein Bankers Association is the ideal partner to spread the message of corporate responsibility in environmental issues.” ce/mm