Lavie helps collect PET bottles in Ghana


Langenthal BE – Lavie supports rePATRN in Ghana. The foundation organizes the collection and recycling of PET bottles. The brand, which belongs to Balsiger Textil AG, contributes to the project with a monetary amount per product sold. In 2022, lavie has collected the equivalent of 5 million bottles.

Lavie supports Ghana-based rePATRN LTD. The foundation helps to ensure that polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles are collected and recycled in Ghana. In the process, the collected bottles are processed into bales and exported, lavie explains on its website. The recovered PET can then be processed into new products “for the textile industry, for example.”

The brand, which belongs to Balsiger Textil AG, has committed to donating a fixed amount of money to rePATRN for each product sold. The foundation uses the funds to promote the collection of PET bottles and fair remuneration for those collecting them. Last year, lavie collected the equivalent of nearly 5 million bottles.

RePATRN is not the only project supported by the Bernese textile brand. “At #lavie, sustainability is paramount,” the company explains in outlining its values and commitment. Other projects in which lavie is involved include the Swiss Summit Foundation and the 1% for the Planet program. Lavie is also certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard and also pays attention to sustainability when shipping its products. Orders are shipped in recyclable bags made of recycled PET from Kickbag whenever possible. Parcels sent by Swiss Post are climate-neutral. hs