Laax gets alpine solar plant


Poschiavo/Laax GR – The community assembly of Laax has approved the construction of a high-alpine solar plant at the Vorab mountain station. The project partners, the municipality, Repower, the Weisse Arena Group and Flims Electric are now tackling the installation of a test system.

Repower, together with the municipality of Laax, the Weissen Arena Group and Flims Electric, wants to build a high-alpine solar plant on municipal land at the Vorab mountain station. It is expected to generate nearly 12 gigawatt hours of electricity annually. For this purpose, the installation of around 20,000 modules on an area of 150,000 square meters is planned.

The municipal assembly of Laax gave the green light to the Vorab solar plant project on June 13, Repower informs in a statement. In the next step, the project partners now want to install a test system in the fall. It is intended to verify whether the technology proves to be suitable at almost 2600 meters above sea level and whether the solar plant can produce the calculated amount of electricity, especially in winter.

The Graubünden energy supplier Repower and the Weisse Arena Group are intended to be the owners of the solar plant. As the owner of the mountain railroads, the Weisse Arena Group is also an important consumer of the electricity produced by the plant. “The Vorab solar plant brings the Weisse Arena Group one step closer to its vision of making the destination of Flims Laax Falera the first self-sufficient Alpine destination to cover 100 percent of its energy needs from climate-friendly, regional sources,” the statement reads. Flims Electric is to act as project developer, while the municipality of Laax owns the site. ce/hs