Kone wants to promote sustainable construction


Wangen-Brüttisellen ZH – Kone is committed to sustainability in the construction industry. To this end, the global elevator manufacturer has developed a comprehensive guide for the industry. Kone also focuses on sustainability in its own business, for example with CO2-neutral elevators.

More than a quarter of all CO2 emissions are caused in the construction industry, Kone informs in a statement. This is where the global manufacturer of elevators and escalators wants to help remedy the situation. To this end, the Kone subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, together with Martin Pfeiffer from the University of Hanover, have developed a comprehensive guide for a sustainable construction and maintenance industry. The “Green Buildings” white paper shows enormous potential for reducing emissions in all phases of a building, writes Kone.

Examples cited in the communication include recycled building materials and the deconstruction of buildings in line with the circular economy. In addition, low-waste prefabricated components are recommended, which can be used again after deconstruction. In general, the motto is dismantling instead of demolition.

Kone also pays attention to sustainability in its own core business. For example, the elevator manufacturer relies on energy recovery for its elevator systems and reduces malfunctions with the help of the use of artificial intelligence during maintenance. “With the white paper, we want to show that sustainability in the building sector has the most diverse facets and must be thought about and lived across all construction and operational phases,” Petru Huurinainen, managing director of Kone Austria and Switzerland, is quoted as saying in the release. That’s why Kone not only installs CO2-free elevators, but also maintains them in a CO2-neutral manner and dismantles them in line with the circular economy. “The publication is designed to broaden horizons to tomorrow’s green buildings.” ce/hs