Kantonsspital Baden presents first report on sustainability


Baden AG – The Kantonsspital Baden (KSB) is committed to energy efficiency, less food waste and the reduction of CO2-intensive anesthetic gases and is introducing recyclable patient bags instead of plastic bags. This is revealed in KSB’s first sustainability report.

For the first time, Kantonsspital Baden is presenting a sustainability report in addition to its annual report. According to a media release, it lists specific examples of the successes achieved so far, from measures for greater energy efficiency, less food waste, the reduction of CO2-intensive anesthetic gases and the introduction of recyclable patient bags instead of the plastic bags previously used.

“We are keen to show that KSB not only makes an important contribution to basic medical care, but also helps to improve the quality of life of patients, employees and the population step by step with numerous sustainable efforts,” write Daniel Heller, Chairman of the Board of Directors of KSB AG, and CEO Adrian Schmitter in the editorial of the KSB Sustainability Report. Sustainable thinking promotes innovative strength and leads to cost reductions and efficiency increases in the long term. KSB has “reduced the hospital’s environmental footprint without sacrificing quality of service delivery.”

The KSB release gives examples, such as the renovation of the heating system and the installation of photovoltaics. He said that reduced heating oil consumption from 221,000 megawatt hours in 2018 to 23,500 in 2022. To reduce food waste in the food service area, the introduction of a digital menu selection system for patients reduced it by about 33 percent.

KSB is also introducing recyclable textile bags for patients’ personal belongings, instead of the approximately 10,000 disposable plastic bags currently used each year. gba