Jehle AG relies on solar power


Mettauertal AG – Jehle AG plans to install another 1120 solar modules this year. On Plant 5, 2400 square meters already generate photovoltaic power. The Aargau toolmaker has also planned a solar system for the conversion of Plant 1 in the coming year.

Jehle AG is setting up another photovoltaic plant at its headquarters in the village of Etzgen, which belongs to the municipality of Mettauertal. Plans call for 1120 modules with a total output of 476 kilowatts peak on the roof of Plant 4, the Aargau-based toolmaker, which specializes in customized components made of metal and plastic, informs in a statement. When Plant 1 is rebuilt next year, another photovoltaic system is to be added, which will be able to cover the plant’s entire energy requirements.

Since the construction of Plant 5 in Etzgen, the heart of Jehle AG has been beating solar, the statement says. On the roof of the technology center, built four years ago, 2400 square meters of solar panels were installed. In addition, the building is cooled and heated with groundwater.

The ecological orientation is part of the company’s own overall strategy, Jehle AG explains in the company’s blog: “We are investing in the ecological future of Jehle AG and in the general public, thus contributing our share to a low-CO2 world.” The company focuses primarily on reducing emissions, using sustainable technology and energy, and separating and recycling materials and fluids. The blog post documents both measures that have already been implemented and those that are still planned.

“The third-generation Fricktal family business with around 180 employees, has been investing in the ecological future for years and thus contributes to the low-CO2 world,” the Aargau-based company writes in the statement. “So Jehle AG is one of the companies in the canton that also has its nose in front ecologically.” ce/hs