IWB and TNC let highways produce solar power


Basel/Meilen ZH – IWB and TNC Consulting AG have prevailed in a federal bidding process. They will install solar systems along national roads in the canton of Bern and in central Switzerland. These are attached to noise barriers.

The Basel-based energy supplier IWB and the photovoltaic specialist TNC Consulting, based in Meilen, will jointly install solar power systems on Swiss highways. According to a media release, they have prevailed in a corresponding application procedure of the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO). Specifically, the partners will install the turbines with a capacity of around 12.4 megawatts on the noise barriers along the national highways in the canton of Berne and central Switzerland.

The federal government provides the infrastructure surfaces in the project. His goal here is to ensure that the solar power potential along the national highways is used in the best possible way. The dual use of the land is intended to help meet Switzerland’s future electricity needs, which may continue to rise due to the electrification of transport, among other factors.

The bid process awarded a total of 350 noise barriers and 100 rest areas, which were grouped into 15 lots based on geographic criteria. IWB and TNC Consulting AG now have two lots. The partners are now given three years to plan the photovoltaic system and apply for building permits. They will independently market the solar power generated on the noise barriers in the future. ce/ssp