INOS expands support offer for SMEs


St.Gallen – The Innovation Network Eastern Switzerland (INOS) is expanding its range of support for SMEs. Three new platforms are being offered on the topics of plastics, supply chains and the circular economy, where SMEs can drive forward their own innovations and exchange ideas with experts and other SMEs.

INOS strengthens its commitment to support SMEs in Eastern Switzerland in the introduction of innovations. To this end, the federally supported innovation network of the cantons of eastern Switzerland has developed three innovation platforms. They are intended to give SMEs in eastern Switzerland the opportunity “to network with industry leaders, experts and research institutions and to implement innovations through cooperation,” INOS Managing Director Lukas Budde is quoted as saying in a statement from the innovation network.

One of the new platforms is dedicated to supply chain optimization. Here, SMEs are supported in the application of digital technologies and intelligent use of data. The goal is to increase the efficiency and robustness as well as the transparency of supply chains.

The other two platforms serve to promote sustainability. Through the Plastics Technology Meets Sustainability platform, SMEs in the industry are supported in developing future-proof and sustainable products and processes. This is also intended to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs.

The platform Wirtschaften in Kreisläufen, in turn, helps SMEs to develop and implement circular innovations. The focus is on new business models with which the transformation towards a circular economy can succeed. The platform is led by Olaf Holstein, president of the association for a grandchild-friendly economy, Next Generations. INOS provides detailed information on the three platforms on its website. ce/hs