Innovation Booster Circular Economy presents six winners


Winterthur – The Innovation Booster Applied Circular Sustainability is funding six teams with 15,000 Swiss francs each. They will participate in two so-called Design Thinking Sprints and present at Meet the Circular Pioneers on July 6.

The Innovation Booster Applied Circular Sustainability presents the six winning teams of its fifth round of the competition for innovative and sustainable circular economy solutions. According to a media release, they will each receive 15,000 Swiss francs in funding. They will now participate in two facilitated workshops using the Design Thinking innovation method and then present their innovative and circular economy solutions at the Meet the Circular Pioneers event on July 6. The winning teams are CLB Switzerland Ltd, NOW Care, Stöckli Swiss Sports AG, restemoebel, SCOTT Sports SA and Ponera Group.

CLB Switzerland, headquartered in Splügen GR, specializes in forestry and timber management. The company presents a so-called organic sandwich panel made of wood and mushroom mesh. NOW Care from Lausanne has developed a powder-to-liquid soap for mindful consumption. This saves on plastic containers.

Stöckli is a well-known ski manufacturer from Malters LU with 102 branches throughout Switzerland. In the Innovation Booster Applied Circular Sustainability, a recycling of skis is presented. restemöbel manufactures small furniture and utilitarian objects from leftovers generated in carpentry shops. The location is Rheinfelden AG.

SCOTT Sports specializes in the development, manufacture, distribution and marketing of products for cycling, winter sports, motorsports and running. The company is headquartered in Givisiez in the canton of Fribourg. There is a branch office in Ogden in the US state of Utah. The company presents solutions for waste management.

The Lugano-based Ponera Group specializes in circular logistics, transforming waste into industrial packaging that replaces disposable packaging and inefficient traditional packaging methods. A solution for recycling wood waste, such as pallets, will be presented. gba