Impact Acoustic launches new fabric collection


Lucerne – Impact Acoustic expands its ARCHISONIC collection with a new textile. ARCHISONIC Textile is designed to complement the Felt acoustic solution. Like Felt, Textile is made entirely from recycled PET.

Impact Acoustic launches a new textile of its collection ARCHISONIC. The new fabric is intended to complement the Felt acoustic solution used in architecture and the furniture industry, the Lucerne-based textile company informs in a statement. Like the felt-like building material Felt, ARCHISONIC Textile is made entirely from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

ARCHISONIC Textile is available in 32 colors inspired by the ARCHISONIC Felt series. “We want to inspire designers to push the boundaries of creative expression while keeping sustainability at the core of their designs,” Jeffrey Ibañez, co-founder and chief design officer at Impact Acoustic, is quoted as saying in the release. “All of our materials demonstrate our commitment to minimizing waste and creating a better future.”

After use, ARCHISONIC Textile can be returned and reprocessed into other acoustic products, Impact Acoustic explains. The recyclable fabric can be used, for example, to make acoustic curtains or as upholstery for furniture. ce/hs