ID Watch launches special edition for 2291 festival


Onex GE – ID Watch has launched a special edition of its circular watch for the 2291 festival. The watch comes with a lifetime membership in the 2291 Club. The watch is made entirely from recycled steel, the strap from plant waste.

According to its manufacturers, the ID Watch is the first watch whose steel is made entirely of recycled material. The steel is extracted from waste in the Jura and processed in a foundry in Reconvilier BE. The energy for the melt is obtained from concentrated solar energy. The watch straps are made of pomace, which is pressed plant residue.

Nicolas Freudiger, one of the three founders of ID Watch, is proud that the watch’s components come from within a radius of no more than 200 kilometers. “The luxury industry must be at the center of the transformation to sustainability,” he says.

Now, ID Watch has launched a special edition of its circulation-enabled watch. Just five copies come onto the market. Whoever purchases one of them also receives a lifetime membership in the Club of the Festival Switzerland 2291. The festival aims to bring long-term thinking back into the social debate. “Thinking in generations,” is what festival founder Christian Häuselmann calls it. “Try longterm – try the long view,” adds the California-based Swiss entrepreneur. The special edition of the ID Watch is available for a mid-four-digit Swiss franc amount.

ID Watch SA has its registered office in Onex. The watch is made in a workshop in Saignelégier JU. This year, about 1000 watches are to be produced there. ce/stk