ID Watch launches Circular S watch


Geneva – ID Watch has launched Circular S, its third watch collection, on pre-sale. The watch is made of eco-friendly solar steel, a strap made of grape marc and comes in a package made of privately compostable seaweed.

At ID Watch, the first watches from the new Circular S collection are now available for pre-order at a discount. According to an announcement from the Geneva-based startup, founded in 2020, this is the first watch made from recycled solar steel. Its carbon footprint is thus 165 times lower than that of standard watch industry steel. “This highly interesting solar steel solution is a real revolution in the raw materials market, the biggest polluter of our planet,” ID Watch said in the product description.

The dials of the watches are available in six selectable colors. The clientele can also choose between fluted or brushed side decorations and different colors of bracelets, which are made from grape marc by a small Italian company. Optionally, it can also be ordered with a folding clasp made of recycled stainless steel collected and reconditioned in the Jura. The Circular S will be delivered from February 2023. The reportedly “first compostable packaging” for it is made by Spanish company Notpla from seaweed harvested there.

ID Watch, together with London-based Biophilica, launched another innovation in early November: the first plastic-free, industrially compostable and vegan bracelet collection, Treekind. After being returned by customers, the bracelets are converted into biogas by Eco-recyclage in Lavigny VD.

“Our goal,” said ID Watch co-founder Nicolas Freudiger at the launch of Treekind, “is to meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship while focusing on the power of collaboration in a circular economy.” mm