Hydrofoil MobyFly is successfully tested


Collonges VS – The hydrofoil MobyFly MBFY10 has been successfully tested on Lake Geneva. The current-driven boat reached a higher speed than expected and consumed less energy than calculated.

The first electric-powered hydrofoil of the Valais-based MobyFly brand has been successfully tested on Lake Geneva, according to a message on LinkedIn. The boat, which is designed for twelve passengers and has an electric propulsion system of the type MBFY10, consumed around 20 percent less energy than predicted. This makes a range of around 140 kilometers possible.

The maximum speed during the so-called test flight was more than 74 kilometers per hour. With the wings folded up, the boat can also operate in shallow waters from 42 to 50 centimeters deep. It is powered by rechargeable electric batteries

Founded in 2020, Collonges-based MobyFly SA is developing electric-powered hydrofoils that reduce energy consumption by 70 percent compared to diesel-powered ferries. There are to be three models. The MBFY10 just tested can take twelve passengers on board. The largest hydrofoil, MobyFly 30, will be able to carry 300 passengers in the future. The medium variant MobyFly18 is designed for 59 passengers. The company is already in talks with partners in Lugano, Paris, San Francisco and New York about the future use of MobyFly boats.

MobyFly SA was founded by Sue Putallaz, Anders Bringdal and Ricardo Bencatel. Putallaz is CEO and brings more than 24 years of corporate leadership experience to MobyFly, according to company statements. She worked for PwC and was deputy secretary to Geneva’s Minister of Urban Planning and Transport.

Five-time windsurfing world champion Anders Bringdal is chief designer. Ricardo Bencatel has a PhD in electrical and computer engineering. He has worked on automatic foil control systems for competition sailboats for two America’s Cup teams (Luna Rossa and Oracle Team USA). gba