Hilcona transports sustainably by rail


Schaan – Hilcona AG transported almost 3,000 tons of food by rail instead of by road in 2022. With 223 truck trips saved, the Liechtenstein food company has made its deliveries more sustainable and reduced its carbon footprint.

Hilcona AG transported about 3,000 tons of food by rail in 2022, according to a media release. According to the company, this corresponds to 223 truck trips. In addition, the shift of transports to rail has saved a quarter of the energy consumption. Particulate matter emissions are said to have been reduced by 79 percent compared to truck transports. The calculations reportedly took into account all SBB Cargo shipments where Hilcona was the consignor, consignee or payer of the freight.

“Combining the two modes of transport, road and rail, has a long tradition at Hilcona AG,” Patrick Geiger, co-creator of Hilcona sustainability and quality management, is quoted as saying in the release. “We recognized early on that it makes both ecological and economic sense to carry out long distances by rail and deliveries to customers by truck. In this way, we can leverage the advantages of both systems, creating valuable synergies for our customers. Wherever it makes sense, we will increasingly use rail for our transports in the future.” ww