Helion study shows support for renewables


Cham ZG – Helion has commissioned a study on the energy transition. According to the results, the majority of the Swiss population is in favor of switching to renewable energies. More than two thirds call for administrative hurdles to be removed quickly.

Helion has commissioned a study on the energy transition from the opinion research institute Sotomo. According to a press release from the provider of sustainable energy solutions, the majority of the population is in favor of environmentally friendly and sustainable energy use, particularly the expansion of renewable energies such as wind and solar power. Two thirds of those surveyed see the removal of administrative hurdles as a primary problem in the energy transition. However, according to the study, more than half – 56 percent – rate their environmentally friendly behavior higher than can be measured in reality. There is more support for the use of technology as a contribution to solving the climate crisis than concrete changes in behavior in the sense of avoiding consumption. The majority of respondents want to support the energy transition with technical measures such as photovoltaics, wind and heat pumps.

According to the study called the “Helion Energy Index”, the rural population in particular tends to favor solar systems. Heat pumps are also considered to increase the value of real estate. The study sees a great deal of catching up to do in the conversion to renewable energies in large cities and conurbations.

On the subject of climate change, 70 percent of the 3,000 or so respondents said it was man-made. However, almost two thirds also say that the issue is now annoying them.

“In order to realize our vision of a Switzerland with 100 percent renewable energy, it is important to understand how people think and how they believe that climate change can be combated most effectively,” said Noah Heynen, CEO of Helion, in the press release. “From this, we can then derive feasible solutions and offers for the population and our customers.” Helion is part of the AMAG Group. ce/ww