Helion Energy and Meyer Burger enter into partnership


Thun BE/Cham ZG – Solar specialist Helion Energy, a subsidiary of AMAG Ltd, will in future prefer to use solar modules from photovoltaic manufacturer Meyer Burger. This will make the Swiss solar industry less dependent on foreign suppliers.

Photovoltaic manufacturer Meyer Burger has agreed a strategic partnership with Helion Energy, a provider of complete solutions for solar energy and AMAG subsidiary. According to a media release, the AMAG Group will give preference to Meyer Burger solar modules for all its own photovoltaic plants yet to be built. As part of its climate strategy, the AMAG Group will build around 75,000 square meters of solar installations at its own sites by 2025.

Helion Energy and Meyer Burger Technology are committed to rebuilding the photovoltaic value chain in Switzerland as part of the strategic partnership, the statement added. Currently, Switzerland imports over 90 percent of its solar modules from Asian countries.

“Meyer Burger high-performance modules offer a number of advantages for the customer base: they are developed in Switzerland and sustainably produced in Germany,” Helion CEO Noah Heynen is quoted as saying. The modules showed lower performance degradation over the years and higher yields at all seasons due to better temperature coefficients and low-light performance. They are designed to last more than 30 years and come with an industry-leading warranty of at least 25 years, he said.

According to CEO Gunter Erfurt, Meyer Burger is in the process of “massively expanding” its production for solar cells and modules. The Swiss solar modules had a technological advantage over the Asian competition and generated significantly higher yields over the entire lifetime. ce/gba