Halba receives top marks for sustainably produced chocolate


Pratteln BL/Washington – Chocolate manufacturer Halba has been awarded top marks by the environmental organization Mighty Earth for its socially and ecologically sustainable production. No other Swiss producer did better.

The chocolate manufacturer Halba is one of the most sustainable producers in the world. In a global ranking by the North American environmental protection organization Mighty Earth, the company, which belongs to Coop, is ranked fifth after the fourth and final round of assessments. That puts Halba, along with Original Beans, Tony’s Chocolonely, Beyond Good and Aldi, among the chocolate brands that best protect the climate and forests during cocoa production, according to a Mighty Earth release.

Criteria such as transparency and traceability of production chains, income of cocoa farmers, avoidance of child labor, climate and forest protection, and sustainable use of agrochemicals were evaluated. According to its own information, Halba was also awarded the Green Egg for environmentally and people-friendly production in almost all categories, as well as the Green Bunny in the overall evaluation. Both ratings represent industry leadership in each case.

Since 2017, Coop has reportedly been producing sustainable chocolate goods at its Pratteln production site, i.e. without palm oil and CO2-neutral. Halba produces 19,600 tons of chocolate products annually and distributes the bulk of its production on the domestic market. At Easter alone, chocolate consumption in Switzerland is about 600 grams per capita, the release says. eb