Gütermetro plans contribution to CO2 storage


Basel – Gütermetro wants to contribute to the future technology for CO2 storage. For this purpose, Cargo sous terrain plans to lay the corresponding transport lines in its own infrastructure. As a first step, a feasibility study will be conducted.

In addition to climate-friendly freight logistics, Cargo sous terain(CST) also wants to score points with a contribution to the long-term storage of CO2 by means of the Carbon Capture and Storage process. For this purpose, transport pipelines for CO2 are to be laid under the carriageways of the freight metro, CST informs in a press release. In a first step, the technical, economic and legal framework conditions for the expansion are to be determined in a feasibility study.

The plans for the freight metro envisage an underground network from Geneva to St.Gallen and from Basel to Lucerne with a branch from Bern to Thun. “This routing is suitable for efficiently disposing of a large proportion of Switzerland’s CO2 point sources, namely waste incinerators and cement plants,” the statement said. According to her, companies in the Netherlands, Norway and Iceland are working on developing storage capacities to be offered to interested countries as CO2 storage facilities. Until a European pipeline network is established, Swiss CO2 could be exported via the Rhine port in Basel. ce/hs