Green Business Award 2021 | Portrait of the finalist WingtraOne by Wingtra AG

The solution explained in one sentence:

WingtraOne is a high-tech flying robot that can take off and land like a helicopter, but flies like an airplane, allowing it to efficiently collect data from large areas such as natural habitats, agricultural areas or construction sites.

Target audience:

Wingtra’s main customers are surveyors who collect highly accurate data in various industries around the world. WingtraOne is also used by researchers and agronomists for smart farming applications and is relevant for all organizations that need highly accurate data from large areas.

The advantages for the environment:

If you don’t measure it, you can’t change it,” says Elias Kleimann, Co-Founder and CFO of Wingtra AG. Data collection is a critical factor in ensuring change. Wingtra’s customers use our flying robot to measure changes in glaciers, count animals, assess damage after environmental disasters such as oil spills, and also to reduce CO2 emissions where previously it would have taken manned flights.

Another major advantage of the flying robots is the SmartFarming aspect: WingtraOne can reduce the use of fertilizer by using built-in multispectral sensors to indicate where fertilizer is needed. With the same method, water and pesticides can also be reduced by showing the degree of drought and infestation level per exact location.

Background Information:

Conventional quadrocopter drones have a rotating lift generation system that is not very convincing in forward flight or in windy conditions. A simple way to imagine the problem is to consider why we don’t fly from Zurich to New York in a helicopter: The rotor blades aren’t fast enough, can’t carry enough weight, and aren’t stable enough in windy conditions. For short distances, however, helicopters have a decisive advantage: they can take off and land in a smaller space and therefore require less infrastructure. But in forward flight, airplane wings increase efficiency about tenfold.

This is where Wingtra’s flying robot comes in: WingtraOne is a drone that flies like an airplane but takes off and lands like a helicopter, so it’s stable, can hover, can land anywhere, and is efficient in forward flight. But it’s not just the flying capabilities that make Wingtra’s drone so exceptional. WingtraOne drones are equipped with best-in-class multispectral sensors that can capture highly accurate data. Multispectral cameras, which can capture more data than the human eye can see, allow for early detection of problems such as disease, water, stress, pest infestations, nutrient deficiencies and more. Where companies once had to order satellites or manned aircraft for their inspections, they can now access comprehensive data from the air at a fraction of the previous cost.

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