go2market explains trend toward plant-based foods


Vienna/Cologne – The market researcher go2market has published a new study. On the occasion of this year’s Veganuary, it aims to explain the trend of consumers towards plant-based foods.

According to a media release, Austria and Germany-based go2market surveyed its customers about their buying and eating habits and related changes. According to the study conducted in November and December 2022, the trends are leading to increased demand and consumption of non-animal and plant-based products, respectively. Eighty-two percent of those surveyed by go2market said they regularly buy plant-based products. 59 percent are changing their eating habits toward flexitarianism, vegetarianism or veganism, according to the survey. In this context, the respondents stated that the price-performance ratio is important to them when selecting plant-based products. The majority state that food should cost the same or even less than animal products. It was not important to 61 percent of those who responded to the survey that the replacement product resembled the original.

“A plant-based and, above all, sustainable form of nutrition is and remains a food trend that appeals not only to vegans and vegetarians, but is also persuading more and more flexitarians to reduce their meat consumption. For us, it was therefore very exciting to find out what our go2market members think about PlantBased products,” says Thomas Perdolt, founder of go2market.

The go2market supermarket is a market research company operating in Austria and Germany, both in real markets and digitally. An expansion to the Netherlands is planned for 2023. ww