FREITAG enables individual bag design


Zurich – Customers of bag manufacturer FREITAG can now create their own personal bag design on a specially created Internet platform. All materials come from recycled materials and are thus fully included in the circular economy.

According to a media release, Zurich-based bag manufacturer FREITAG has developed a creative idea for customers to create their own designs: On an Internet platform, customers can use ready-made templates to develop their bag designs on a selection of 20 to 50 fully digitized truck tarpaulins and cut them virtually.

Two classics from the FREITAG range are manufactured in this process: the Messenger Bag F712 DRAGNET and, since recently, the Hip Bag F713 KNIGHT RIDER, which can also be clamped to the bike frame. From exchange these bags are excluded after purchase. The own bag design can be produced with the platform f-cut, which was developed by Severin Klaus with his creative team of the digital agency Dept.

FREITAG was founded in1993 by graphic designers Markus and Daniel Freitag. The company has been based in Zurich Oerlikon since 2011. The bag material comes from recycled truck tarps, and grab handles and straps are made from discarded bicycle inner tubes or seat belts. FREITAG products are available in stores and online throughout Europe. eb