FreezyBoy returns


Zug – FreezyBoy AG is returning to the market after going bankrupt in 2023. The manufacturer of the eponymous biofreezer for kitchen waste has found new investors.

FreezyBoy launches a new model of its eponymous cooling container for kitchen and organic waste and returns to the market with the product. According to a press release, the company, which went bankrupt in 2023, was able to find new investors for its sustainable product. Supporters include Zug entrepreneur Daniel Brunner, Adrian Risi, construction and real estate entrepreneur and SVP cantonal councillor, David Spielhofer, CEO and co-owner of Orea Küchen AG, and lawyer Verena Iten, partner and notary at Schweiger Advokatur. The aforementioned also form the Board of Directors of FreezyBoy AG.

The new FreezyBoy model weighs just 6.5 kilograms. Its 7-liter bucket is cooled down to minus 5 degrees Celsius and can hold kitchen waste without generating unpleasant odors or fruit flies. The aim of the product is to sustainably dispose of the amount of kitchen and organic waste in households, which corresponds to around a third of household waste, and to process it into quality compost or biogas.

With the new market entry, the company has also launched an online store. “This makes the FreezyBoy accessible to everyone and allows us to focus on marketing the new product generation,” Benjamin Flechsig, inventor of the appliance and CEO of FreezyBoy AG, is quoted as saying in the press release. “We are delighted that FreezyBoy’s journey is now really taking off and that we can increase convenience in thousands of kitchens.” ce/ww