Flasa builds vertical solar plant on factory fence


All JU – Flasa Spinning Mill has had a 100-meter wooden fence erected with vertically mounted solar panels. It runs in an east-west direction and is intended to produce electricity primarily in the mornings and evenings.

The Flasa spinning mill, which specializes in worsted yarn and textile raw material dyeing, has had an innovative plant built to produce its own solar power. The wooden fence around the factory has been fitted with solar panels mounted vertically on both sides of the fence, according to a report in the newspaper “Le Quotidien Jurassien” from Delémont JU.

By being located on the east-west axis, the plant produces mainly in the morning and evening at sunrise and sunset – two times of day when electricity demand is high, he said. The plant has been completed and is scheduled to begin producing electricity on January 1.

The project was realized by the start-up Turn2Sun SA in La Sagne NE. The solar system is also suitable for winter production, as the panels benefit from the reflection of snow, Sébastien Dubail of Turn2Sun is quoted as saying.

For Flasa Managing Director André-Jean Six, the new plant is an experiment. “The goal is to see how energy can be generated, stored and used,” Six is quoted as saying. The Flasa spinning mill entered solar energy one year after the Fukushima disaster, he said. “We wanted an alternative,” Six said. He, along with his brother Nicolas, converted the family-owned factory, founded in 1934, to use renewable energy, according to the article.

The new type of vertical and double-sided solar installation has also inaugurated the Flasa Ecopark, where 20 companies are located. The first company came two years ago, André-Jean Six is quoted. “Our philosophy is to provide a space for these companies to network,” Six is quoted as saying. “You don’t just add forces, you look for synergies,” he said. gba