Five family businesses found zirkulit Beton AG


Kloten ZH/Rubigen BE – The two founding companies of zirkulit AG, Kästli Bau and Eberhard Bau, have founded zirkulit Beton AG together with the construction companies Grisoni-Zaugg SA, JMS Group and Lötscher Plus Group. They will use the zirkulit technology to store CO2 in recycled concrete.

The zirkulit AG created by Eberhard Bau from Kloten and Kästli Bau from Rubigen 2021 and its brand zirkulit are strengthening: Five family-owned companies have now founded zirkulit Beton AG. It brings together partners who work together to bind CO2 in recycled concrete granules and then install them. In addition to Eberhard and Kästli, the new zirkulit Beton AG includes the Grisoni Group from Vuadens FR, the JMS Group (Johann Müller AG) based in Schmerikon SG and the Lucerne-based Lötscher Plus Group.

“After several years of development work by the companies Eberhard and Kästli, the first circular concrete with a minimal CO2 footprint can now also be used in central and eastern Switzerland, as well as in Vaud, thanks to new partners,” Daniel Kästli, member of the board of directors of zirkulit Beton AG, said in a media release. “I am delighted to take this challenging step with my team and partners,” adds Reto Märki, Managing Director of zirkulit Beton AG. ” Circular building is central to sustainable development.”

The goal of this new alliance is to store 25,000 metric tons of CO2 annually in concrete throughout Switzerland starting in 2030. Theoretically, even 50,000 tons are possible, the statement says. At the same time, more than 2 million tons of construction waste would be returned to the cycle in a high-quality manner. “So far, the potential has not been exploited due to weak demand from the market. This is set to change,” the release states.

For the circular house, buildings would have to be constructed in a way that maximizes circularity, conserves resources, and allows future generations to reuse the bricks used in construction. For this reason, zirkulit has also entered into strategic partnerships: swisspor (Stans NW) offers mineral insulation material, Stahlbeton Bauteile AG (Frick AG) manufactures facade and ceiling components, and Sievert AG (Ober-Ohringen ZH) supplies plasters. ce/mm