Federal government launches strategy for agricultural infrastructure


Bern – The Federal Office for Agriculture has presented its strategy for improving agricultural structures. Additional needs are seen above all in the control of irrigation and drainage and in infrastructure for transport. Sustainability is at the center.

The Federal Office for Agriculture(FOAG) has published its report “Strategy for Structural Improvements 2030+“. Here, guidelines are set for the long-term development of financial aid for the improvement of agricultural structures, the BWL explains in a statement. In setting the goals specified in the report, the FOAG was guided by the Federal Council’s strategy, according to which Switzerland’s food security is to be strengthened through greater sustainability.

To this end, BWL sets out three guiding principles in its strategy. This puts sustainable value creation at the center of investments. Strengthening the resilience of the food system is intended to address climate change. In the event of conflicting goals, the FOAG relies on cooperation in a spirit of partnership and the development of solutions that benefit all parties involved (win-win solutions).

In terms of future funding needs for improving structures in agriculture, the FOAG has identified a need for action particularly in irrigation and drainage infrastructure and in transportation infrastructure. Too little investment has been made in this area in recent decades, according to the press release. In addition, there is a focus on promoting production that is friendly to animals, the landscape, the climate and the environment. Corresponding structural improvement measures are to be expanded in the future, writes the FOAG. ce/hs