Exentis accelerates the energy transition


Stetten AG – 3D screen printing technology from Exentis Group AG enables more efficient motors for electric vehicles and more powerful fuel cells. According to a study, Exentis is a pioneer in these areas with its additive manufacturing process.

Exentis Group AG ‘s 3D technology platform for industrialized additive manufacturing has the potential to become a key technology in the New Energy sector. It enables the production of industrial components millions of times over on a single 3D production system. According to experts from management consultants Roland Berger, the process allows efficiency leaps in electromobility, fuel cells and energy storage. New Energy represents one of three strategic business areas of Exentis, which also include Pharma & Medtech and Ultrafine Structures.

In the context of electromobility, Exentis is focusing on cooperation with automotive suppliers. The special 3D cold printing process is used, among other things, for the production of stator and rotor laminations, which are central components of electric traction motors. Compared with production using conventional technologies, the components have significantly lower weight and smaller dimensions while offering better conductivity. This also significantly increases the efficiency of the engines.

In fuel cells, the use of Exentis’ 3D technology platform also enables performance improvements, according to the study, because it can be used to provide bipolar plates with complex flow fields while reducing weight and volume. As part of the license-based business model, Whitecell Power AG has acquired an exclusive license for the manufacture of innovative bipolar plates in this area.

Drivers in the New Energy segment are the high demand for electromobility and CO2-free energy. For example, the end market for stator and rotor laminations is forecast to grow 17 percent per year and bipolar laminations 13 percent per year through 2026. According to the experts, Exentis competes in both fields mainly with suppliers of conventional production methods and can position itself as a pioneer here. ce/yvh