ERZ has mini forest planted on factory premises


Zurich – Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich (ERZ) has made its Hagenholz site available for a mini forest planted using the Miyawaki method. This first such project on a commercial site in Switzerland should lead to biodiversity, better air and lower temperatures.

A mini forest has been planted on ERZ ‘s Hagenholz site using the innovative Miyawaki method. According to a press release, 600 plants were planted by around 20 people. The project was initiated by engageability, the competence center for innovative and future-oriented business solutions for the private and public sectors, and the Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation. It promotes sustainable and resilient infrastructures, including nature-based solutions. The project competition Für Züri promotes it.

The Miyawaki method is named after the Japanese botanist and plant ecologist Dr. Akira Miyawaki. It consists of an efficient reforestation method that can be applied to small areas. It encourages the planting of native trees and shrubs and offers many benefits in urban areas, including reducing the surrounding temperature and thus the heat island effect, improving air quality and increasing the general well-being of local people.

“Engageability’s desire to plant an ecologically valuable mini-forest on the Hagenholz waste incineration plant site convinced us from the outset,” says ERZ Director Daniel Aebli. “As a service department of the City of Zurich, we are pleased to be able to make a contribution to biodiversity.”

Grün Stadt Zürich and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences will examine the progress of the forest over the next few years and evaluate its impact. ce/mm