epeaswitzerland evaluates circularity of Migros products


Bäch SZ/Zurich – The retailer Migros is having a large part of its product range checked for suitability for the circular economy. The Migros M-Check 5-star assessment is carried out by epeaswitzerland, and it is thus also clear how suppliers can improve in terms of circularity.

Migros is expanding its commitment to the circular economy and involving its supplier network in its efforts. Therefore, the so-called near non-food assortment is examined accordingly. These include, for example, textiles and also household items. These products are subjected to screening by epeaswitzerland. epeaswitzerland is an accredited assessor for Cradle to Cradle Certified certifications from Bäch. Cradle to Cradle is a principle of the circular economy.

Based on this, epeaswitzerland realizes the M-Check for Migros with regard to two different dimensions: recyclable ingredients and environmentally compatible ingredients. In both dimensions, the products examined are rated with stars by epeaswitzerland. The top rating of five stars means, in terms of recyclable ingredients, that the product is fully recyclable and, in terms of environmentally friendly ingredients, that no negative impact on the environment is caused by them. Products that are rated with one star nevertheless still comply with legal requirements, such as items made of PVC. However, this is not recyclable. Migros is working on offering these items in other materials in the future, but this is not yet possible in some cases.

The Migros M-Check, conducted by epeaswitzerland, serves as the first step in Migros’ increased efforts for the circular economy. After implementation, the 5-star rating can already be used by customers to find out about the suitability of the products for the circular economy. Based on the 5-star rating, Migros will also include its supplier network in a second step. In doing so, Migros will not only motivate suppliers to strive for Cradle to Cradle Certified certification and implement corresponding measures in the direction of a circular economy. It will also actively support and accompany them in this process. ce/jh