Environmentalists coordinate activities against plastic pollution


London – Three organizations want to join forces in the fight against plastic waste. The planned close cooperation is intended not only to reduce environmental pollution from plastic waste, but also to strengthen the circular economy.

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP), the Ellen MacArthur Foundation ‘s Plastics Initiative, and the Waste and Resources Action Program(WRAP) are recognized organizations working to reduce the impact of plastics. According to a media release, they now want to work together in a coordinated way to drive global action on a circular economy with plastics through greater knowledge sharing.

Direct collaboration is intended to unite programs from different networks. This enables on-the-ground action with the background knowledge of global best practices and an exchange of knowledge from different disciplines. In this way, solutions for a circular economy of plastics tailored to the respective region can be implemented quickly. Through this network, the aim is to find quick solutions that avoid unnecessary plastic packaging, force a switch from disposable to reusable, increase the recycling rate or make compostability possible. eb