Environment to become a focus of foreign policy


Bern – Swiss foreign policy in the coming years is to focus, among other things, on relations with the EU and the G20 states as well as security and competitiveness. The environment and democracy are appointed as new priorities.

The Federal Council has approved its draft foreign policy strategy for the years 2024 to 2027. This sets out the main objectives for Switzerland’s foreign policy. Accordingly, it remains particularly important to clarify the unresolved issues in the relationship with the EU. This is also of great importance in view of the fragmentation of global politics and the global economy. Also highlighted as important is the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Beyond the focus on Europe, foreign policy remains globally oriented, according to a media release. He said that “constructive relations with all regions of the world” were important in this regard. Here, Switzerland wants to rely more on cooperation with the G20 countries and benefit from the “forward-looking positioning of international Geneva”.

Thematically, the Federal Council sets four priorities for foreign policy. These now also include the environment. Among the main environmental issues, climate change, biodiversity, pollution and sustainable energy supply are highlighted. The promotion of democracy is also newly represented as a focal point in the strategy. Other priorities include strengthening prosperity and competitiveness as well as peace and security.

In a next step, the cantons and the foreign policy committees of the National Council and the Council of States will now be consulted on the draft. The final adoption of the strategy is expected to take place in early 2024. ce/ssp