Energie 360° lets energy streetcar roll in Zurich


Zurich – Energie 360° has themed the city of Zurich’s first Flexity streetcar. The Energietram Züri is designed to show passengers ways to become part of the energy future themselves. On April 3, the energy streetcar was handed over to the official operation.

The Energietram Züri has been in streetcar operation in Zurich since Monday, April 3. The design of the first flexitiy streetcar themed by a company comes from Energie 360° and “is entirely dedicated to the renewable energy future,” the Zurich-based energy provider explains in a statement. “With the Energietram Züri, we want to get the population excited about the energy future and activate them to act,” Energie 360° CEO Jörg Wild is quoted as saying there.

The slogan “Rethinking the energy future with 100% renewable energy” is emblazoned on the outer shell of the streetcar. Inside, different sustainable energy sources such as heat from air, earth or water, biogas and wood are presented. “The Energietram shows how we are already relying on renewable energy today and how we want to expand it for future generations,” City Councilor Michael Baumer is quoted in the release from his speech at the official commissioning of the Energietram Züri. hs