Energie 360° launches sustainable project for Zurich-Lengg and Zollikon


Zurich – The energy service provider Energie 360° is starting construction of an energy network for Zurich-Lengg and Zollikon ZH. From 2027, clinics and residential areas are to be heated and cooled in a climate-friendly way using Lake Zurich water.

Energie 360° starts construction work on a new energy network on Monday, April 17. According to a media release, the energy provider, together with the Lengg healthcare cluster and the municipality of Zollikon, plans to heat and cool clinics and urban residential areas with climate-friendly Lake Zurich water from 2027. Zollikon still has to vote on a connection to the Verbund.

Regarding the suitability of the planning area for such a solution, the press release states that several large healthcare institutes and residential areas are located close to each other in the Lengg district of Zurich. This is an ideal prerequisite for an energy network to heat and cool the clinics, institutes and apartments in a climate-friendly way. The water is to be collected in Lake Zurich near Zollikon and routed to Lengg.

In addition to the healthcare cluster and two urban residential areas with around 100 apartments, the project will also be the starting signal for the construction of a district heating network in Zollikon, according to the energy company. It should then be possible to supply heating and cooling in Lengg and Zollikon for the first time from 2027. According to Energie 360°, the investment sum for the Lengg energy network amounts to around 90 million Swiss francs.

The healthcare cluster will become the largest hospital landscape in Europe to use climate-neutral energy, it adds. This would save up to 10,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year at the clinics alone. This is equivalent to the exhaust gases from the use of around 4 million liters of fossil fuel oil.

Energie 360° has set itself the goal of supplying its customers exclusively with renewable energy by 2040. gba