Energie 360° joins Solarmotion


Zurich/St.Gallen – Energie 360° acquires a minority stake in Solarmotion. The investment in the solar company from eastern Switzerland serves to expand photovoltaics at Energie 360°. By 2040, the Zurich-based energy company wants to sell exclusively renewable energy.

Energie 360° joins Solarmotion with a minority stake. The majority of the solar company in eastern Switzerland will remain with founder Stefan Merz, Energie 360° informs in a statement. No information is given there about the purchase price of the investment.

By joining Solarmotion, Energie 360° intends to invest in the expansion of photovoltaics. “The investment in Solarmotion contributes to the consistent implementation of our guiding star: Energie 360° aims to supply exclusively renewable energy by 2040,” Ruth Happersberger, Head of Strategy and Investments at Energie 360°, is quoted as saying in the statement. Together, the two companies want to further develop energy and mobility solutions. As examples, the communication mentions contracting models or combinations of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles with photovoltaics.

Projects in the field of energy management systems are also planned in conjunction with other investments and innovative companies from Energie 360°’s start-up fund. “I am happy to have found the ideal partner in Energie 360°,” Merz states in the release. “In addition to a large network and technical expertise, she is also characterized by the same strong innovative spirit – we complement each other in an ideal way.” ce/hs