Energie 360° and TES team up for synthetic methane


Zurich/Zaventem – Energie 360° will purchase around one terawatt hour of synthetic methane per year from Tree Energy Solutions (TES) from 2027. In return, Energie 360° supplies the renewable CO2 used for its production.

Energie 360° wants to supply its own customers exclusively with energy from renewable sources by 2040. In the gas sector, the Zurich-based utility is working together with Tree Energy Solutions(TES). The globally active company, headquartered in Zaventum, Belgium, specializes in the production of green hydrogen. Synthetic methane can also be produced from this with CO2.

Starting in 2027, Energie 360° plans to purchase around one terawatt hour of synthetic methane per year from TES. In return, TES receives renewable CO2 from Energie 360° from the Zurich utility’s energy plants. “This creates and maintains a closed loop,” Energie 360° writes in a related release.

“There will continue to be industrial operations that require gas – especially for special high-temperature applications,” Jörg Wild, CEO of Energie 360°, is quoted as saying in the release. “But we want to offer this gas entirely from renewable sources.” For TES CEO Marco Alverà, in turn, utilities like Energie 360° “play a crucial role in the energy transition to achieve the net zero target and actively contribute to a true circular economy.” hs