Emmi makes progress in sustainability


Lucerne – In 2021/22, the Emmi Group made progress in developing its workforce and reducing CO2 emissions and waste. The Lucerne-based milk processor sees itself well on the way to sustainable dairy farming. The current focus is on renewable energies.

The Emmi Group believes it is on track to achieve its sustainability targets. In its current Sustainability Report 2021/22, the group shows a positive overall development, the Lucerne-based milk processor explains in a statement. Emmi has made particular progress in the development of its own employees, on the path to sustainable dairy farming and in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

Three out of four employees in Switzerland currently have a development plan, compared with just under half of employees at sites around the world. Greenhouse gas emissions were 10 percent lower in 2021/22 than in the previous year. Waste and food waste were reduced by 4 and 5 percent, respectively. The group sees a need for action in water intensity and the recyclability of packaging.

In collaboration with the Bern University of Applied Sciences for Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences and in consultation with WWF, Emi has developed a science-based set of criteria for sustainable milk that is intended to make the sustainability of milk measurable. The group has also joined the climate-neutral dairy initiative, Pathways to Dairy Net Zero. In the year under review, the number of milk suppliers producing in accordance with the Sustainable Swiss Milk industry standard also increased.

In the current year, Emmi intends to step up its activities in the areas of energy, decarbonization and greenhouse gas reduction. In this context, the Group is primarily interested in diversifying its energy supply with renewable energies. ce/hs